It was a real log jam in the main thoroughfares of Pandora and Ahuriri this morning as dozens of truck and trailer rigs loaded with logs backed up.

At around 10.15am about 40 rigs could be counted parked up along Pandora Rd, Hyderabad Rd and Bridge St — their drivers in for a longer day than usual.

Many of the trucks had driven through to Napier from Gisborne as the port there had closed due to swells around the entrance, one driver spoken to said.

"I think quite a few have come down from there," he said as he and his log loaded rig sat about 17th in the great queue.


He said he understood there had also been a breakdown with the automated weighing machine and the trucks were having to be weighed manually.

That, and the influx from Gisborne, had created a hold-up situation he had not seen before.

"I've seen them parked along here (Hyderabad Rd) before but never down by the (Pandora) pond."

His load was the first of two he had been scheduled to transport today but he doubted he would get the second one as the delays were more major than usual.

He reckoned some of the later arrivals on the day would likely park up in the yard.

"You can't do anything about it — just have to ride it out," he said.

"It'll come right eventually."

One motorist who have driven in from Westshore described the scene as "chaos".

There had also been a couple of reports of parked up logging trucks on the approaches to Bay View.

"Plenty of time for a coffee break though," one passerby said, noting a roadside coffee stand was doing good business.