Despite a foggy and frosty start for much of the region yesterday morning, similar conditions are set to be non-existent in the days to come.

MetService Meteorologist Angus Hines said overnight, the chances of fog "certainly diminish" with the wind direction tilting around a less favorable direction for the Hawke's Bay region.

"With the winds picking up the following couple of days, the chances are essentially zero from Thursday night onwards," Hines said.

The region is forecast to have "mostly settled" weather this week, despite unsettled northwest flow for much of the country from today.


It is the first of two scheduled fronts this week, with the latter forecast for Friday.

Hines said while the region will avoid most of the significant weather, it is possible that there will be a few spots of rain either late today or overnight into Thursday morning.

"It is quite similar on Friday, with that second feature moving over the Hawke's Bay region late in the day on Friday. Again, there could be a bit of rain either late Friday or early Saturday before things do clear up again heading into the weekend.

"People on the western side of the country will get a bit more significant rainfall out of the next weather systems. But the east coast is certainly one of the more sheltered spots for the remainder of the week."

Hines said so far the temperatures for the region have been on par with the average July temperature of 13.5C.

"It has been slowly getting warm over the last few days, but still around about average and then over the coming days we are actually looking a little bit warmer."

Hastings is forecast for a high of 15 today .

"As we get a bit of an increase in northwesterly winds towards the end of the week with those weather systems approaching could be 18C or so as the maximum temperature by Thursday," Hines said.


The average minimum temperature is 4.6C, so people can expect some "chilly nights" at this time of the year, Hines said.

Overnight on Monday, it dropped to 4C, while the few days preceding, it had been 7C, 8C, and 6C.

"Again, nothing exceptionally cold. I think we are in wintertime conditions, so it probably feels chilly, but then it is often chilly at this time of the year."