When the Middlemore Foundation in South Auckland launched its Jammies for June it received strong support from Westpac Bank which became chief sponsor.

It also received great support from the public who were very generous and many kids now sleep more warmly in their beds.

Westpac Dannevirke staff felt the idea was so good they decided to launch Jammies for July and already it has received support from the Dannevirke Warehouse and other groups.

The idea is to buy warm pyjamas from a retailer and to donate them to Westpac Bank which will distribute them to agencies which know where the greatest need lies.


Donations can include socks, blankets, dressing gowns and even beanies as well as pyjamas.

Gifts to protect against the winter, especially the likes of the recent frosty days, would be most welcome for any age group and both sexes from new borns to teenagers and beyond.

There is a box for donations at the Warehouse as well as at Westpac Bank in Dannevirke.