The mayor of Central Hawke's Bay has confirmed she will be standing for re-election at this year's local government elections.

Walker, who is in her first term as mayor, said there was never any doubt in her mind she would be seeking re-election.

"We've only just begun," she said, when questioned about her intentions.

Walker has led changes in how the council interacts with, and delivers value to the Central Hawke's Bay community.

A campaign for "A positive future" in 2016 evolved into a community-driven vision for a "Thriving" Central Hawke's Bay – a project that Walker is particularly proud of.


"Project Thrive has become the platform on which all our council work has been done – from the Long Term Plan, to bylaws and strategies, and now the District Plan.

"Everything has been informed by the voices of our people."

She said water infrastructure would continue to be a priority for her, and was proud it had been subject to renewed focus recently.

"I am determined that we will finally deliver the waste water treatment that our community, and our environment deserves.

"The river shouldn't be the home of our waste – no matter how well treated."

She said the economic future of the district and the financial security of council business, which is reliant on a small number of ratepayers, is also forefront in her mind.

She said these issues require innovation and bold thinking.

"The two important things are that we support and encourage those in our community who are leading innovation, and that we don't do things in isolation. We are so much stronger when working together."