Winter is supposedly only one week away, but it doesn't feel that way at the moment.

Hawke's Bay had the highest temperature in the country on Saturday, reaching a toasty 22C, and the warm weather isn't going to disappear any time soon.

Very little rain has fallen during May - only 6.8mm has been recorded at Hawke's Bay Airport so far. The average rainfall is 65.6mm.

The Takapau Plains have so far seen a weak 18.6mm of rain, but is usually accustomed to getting at least 77mm.


But the biggest drop was Mahia, which has recorded only 15.4mm compared with its usual average of 129.9mm.

MetService meteorologist Kyle Lee said while the region is in for a few showers, Hawke's Bay will remain mostly dry for the remaining week.

"Sunday saw a high of 20C and Monday is essentially looking about the same, the temperature will be sitting at a warm 21C - and that's actually 4C above its average temperature at this time of year."

But ice creams would most likely be switched for soup by the time Tuesday struck, as two "significant fronts" were expected to hit the country bringing a drop of rain.

"The ranges will certainly see a lot more of that rain as they'll get a lot of the northwesterly windflow, but because of the strength of the front we are expecting it to reach the coastal regions in the afternoon."

Lee said although there would be signs of rain, it would be somewhat scattered rather than heavy.

"Wednesday will also be pretty fine, there will be some rainfall, but probably not too much. Then the next front is expected to hit on Friday.

"It's going to be a little bit colder on that Wednesday morning but nothing too hectic and the most significant rain for the next few days is expected on Tuesday. "


While the region had been treated to some frosty mornings, Lee said due to the high cloud cover throughout the week, overnight and early morning temperatures would sit closer between 8-10C.

"On Thursday it could drop to about 8-9C, but it won't be as cold as it's been during the past week. From overnight Monday the overnight temperatures will start to warm up and later in the week the overnight temperature for Thursday will be about 13C in Napier."