The escalation of construction costs means the cost of Napier's new aquatic centre is costing an extra $3000 per day.

Napier City Council will meet on Tuesday to discuss the new aquatic centre, as part of their Strategy and Infrastructure Committee meeting.

The new pool is already the most expensive project NCC has ever undertaken, and is due to cost more than $41 million.

The meetings agenda states that the escalation of construction costs was estimated to slow at the end of 2018 and flatten at the start of 2019, but this had not eventuated.


The result is that construction costs are increasing about 3 per cent each year, translating to about $3000 a day for the pool project.

The committee will decide whether or not to endorse the scope of tender for the new pool, which details all the design, dimension and functionality information for the facility.

The new pool has proved controversial, both in the community and in council.

A petition was presented to council with over 7000 signatures asking the aquatic centre to remain at its current Onekawa site.

Six councillors requested the community was re-consulted on the issue, but this was shot down by a seven-to-six vote in December.