Nothing gets in the way of breast cancer survivor and mum of three Kim Lines, who is heading to Cambodia to cycle for eight days to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer New Zealand.

After receiving treatment for breast cancer five years ago, the 47-year-old opted to go on the adventure to help educate others and to give back to a foundation that showed her support when she needed it most.

"This journey is about giving back and it's not the first time I've done something for the Breast Cancer Foundation, my husband and I host events each year for Pink Ribbon and then I saw this and thought 'Yes, I can do it'."

Lines has never done any road cycling before, but showed no hesitation in getting on a bike and starting to train.


"When I first started it was a massive struggle. But now I'm cycling up to 100 kilometres a week. I'm getting into it and I'm a really determined person and I just want to do my best for the cause," she said.

"I'm also fortunate enough to have my sister come along with me. She has also had breast cancer. So it's a really awesome family thing and it's going to be a big sense of achievement and we're just going to kick cancer to the curb."

Lines will be setting off on November 7 this year and throughout her journey will experience the scenery and serenity of a country steeped in culture and history.

She will be cycling beyond city limits into the unfolding Cambodian countryside, through rice fields, sugar-palm plantations and small villages.

Not only that, she'll also be cycling alongside other Breast Cancer Foundation NZ supporters.

"If you believe you can do anything, then you can."

Five years cancer-free, Lines had treatment for a year.

"When you go through something like cancer it makes you stronger than you believe you are. I think it is a life -hanging thing and a lot of positives come from it.


"Don't be afraid to reach out to family and friends, say yes to any offer of help that might be handed to you. People want to help and another important message is to be kind to yourself."

Although the goal for each rider is to raise $3500, Lines' personal goal is to raise $5000 and she's now reaching out to the Hawke's Bay community to support her in her cause.

Donations can be to