When the food box trend hit Hawke's Bay, Paul Greaney and Kate Lester knew that they could produce something local and spectacular - after all Hawke's Bay is full of amazing food producers.

After a few chats over the counter of Paul's Village Butchery in Havelock North, Kate, a chef who was at the time running her own catering business, and Paul decided that they would go for it - and so On Your Plate was launched.

On Your Plate delivers food boxes full of wholesome and delicious meals right to your door.

"Kate is the genius behind the recipes," Paul says.


"They taste delicious. In fact the recent sweet and sour pork recipe has been a huge hit in our house. We have made it three times already."

Kate bases her recipes on seasonal whole foods.

"There are no packets of this or jars of that in our food boxes. What you get instead is the ingredients to make your own. We might occasionally have a a jar of Maison Therese relish or the likes but most of the time it's make your own."

Don't let the thought of making your own scare you.

"You certainly don't have to be a good cook to follow my recipes. They all include a step by step schedule for the meal.

"So it might say 'peel the potatoes and put on the element to boil. While they are cooking ...'

"Lots of people struggle with timing when it comes to cooking. My plans make it nice and easy so everything is ready to dish up at once." Paul says they have had a lot of feedback from men who are enjoying the challenge of cooking a meal.

"Men are good at following plans," he laughs. The pair are passionate about using local produce and employing local people.


"Our employees range in age from mid 70s to early 20s. We love the fact that we can employ locals and use local produce which means more money stays in Hawke's Bay," Paul says. Their customers range from pensioners to busy parents to people simply bored with making the same dishes week in and week out.

"All they need is a bit of inspiration so when that question 'what's for dinner' pops up, they have an answer."

They are excited to be launching a Family Friendly Box which includes meals such as tacos and burgers. "It's all still nutritious food but it's aimed at the younger generation and includes more stable food that children like," Paul said.

Kate says there is always the option to add your own twist to recipes.

"If you have everything you need to make a nutritious meal it's easy to add this or that to give it your own personal touch if you want to."

The pair are looking forward to another busy year. Kate is expecting twins in a few months and Paul will be busy with On Your Plate and his butchery which he has owned for seven years. He says he would love to see people getting behind local growers and suppliers.

On Your Plate gives customers the choice of how many nights worth of food they would like to order. They can cater for 2 or 4 people (these are generous, so enough for leftovers or little ones). Choose from 3, 4, or 5 nights.

You can order a one-off box or put in a weekly order. Orders are delivered on Sunday in temperature controlled boxes which can sit for several hours in a shady spot.

*For more information or to order go to onyourplate.co.nz.