After a few weeks of sunshine, this week will see and end to the golden weather in Hawke's Bay, with temperatures dropping and the rain rolling in.

MetService meteorologist Mark Bowe said the sunny weather would taking a turn for the worse as a frontal system moves up the country, and Hawke's Bay, along with other eastern areas of the North Island, would bear the brunt of the bad weather.

"By Monday morning it will be moving over the North Island."

"You should expect a period of morning rain on Monday, followed by showers, which could be heavy and possibly thundery even with hail in the afternoon and evening."


Napier could expect a Monday high of 23C, and Hastings 22C.

The wet weather will continue throughout the week, with possibly heavy showers on Tuesday.

"Into Wednesday, I'm afraid you are still forecast for rain and southeasterlies, Thursday similar again."

By Friday, Bowe said there may be some respite, with showers expected to ease.

"So it's really looking like a wet week for you guys."

The temperatures will be staying in the low 20s throughout the week.

The good news for those who have been struggling to sleep in the hot weather recently is that overnight temperatures are expected to drop, and the air will not be as muggy, with the wind turning to the southeast.

"The muggy northwesterlies is what's making the sleepless nights."

He said the overnight temperatures for the week will be around 16C or 17C.

"It's still warm but not like it was."

The rest of the North Island will also be getting rain throughout the week, but the East Coast will be seeing the worst of the weather.

"Most areas of the North Island will be experiencing rain, and obviously as it moves over the South Island they will be experiencing rain as well.

"You're probably getting the brunt of it, in the eastern parts of the North Island for the next week, so places like Northland and Auckland are not going to get it as bad.

"By Tuesday morning, into Wednesday, it looks like for the Hawke's Bay region you're going to be getting some easterly winds so that's going to be pushing the rain right into you guys."