Hawke's Bay woman Donna Oshea was one of New Zealand's most consistent Cadbury Roses consumers.

For most, they're a yearly, or twice-yearly treat. For Oshea, who lives in the small Central Hawke's Bay town of Takapau, it used to be the treat "every night after dinner".

Not any more.

Oshea, who used to buy a small box at least once a week that she shared with visitors to her house, couldn't believe her tastebuds when the confectionery giant shocked the nation with its flavour change in September.


She has boycotted them since.

Two new flavours have been added to the updated box - White Raspberry and Vanilla Nougat.

But the classic flavours many Kiwis had come to know and love throughout the years have also been amended.

The most shocking change was the removal of a favourite of many, Strawberry Creme, which was also Oshea's favourite.

Peppermint Creme was also reformed to Peppermint Creme Crunch.

"My favourite flavour was the Strawberry Creme which is now gone, Peppermint, which is now changed, as well as the Classic Fudge which was a favourite as well," she said.

"The best flavours are gone or changed and not very nice at all. It used to be the treat every night after dinner. Let's just say it's not the same. We are still yet to find something to replace the treat with."

Cadbury Roses was first introduced in 1938 and named after the Rose brothers, who developed wrapping machines for confectionery companies.


The sweet delights are well known as a thank-you gift, with sales skyrocketing the most for Mother's Day and during the Christmas period.

Cadbury has been approached for comment.