A Napier mum who received an anonymous note from a neighbour threatening to call her landlord over her son's screaming says she has been overwhelmed by the support she's received since her story went public.

Ana Gray, 28, checked her letterbox the day after New Year's Day to find an angry note from a neighbour, threatening to call her landlord and child services because of her son's yelling.

"If you don't stop that kid yelling I will ring child support and report you. We all getting sick of the yelling and also ring your landlord," the note said.

The note referred to her 7-year-old son, Wiremu, who has been diagnosed with autism and Global Development Delay (GDD).


Wiremu's loud outbursts are just one of the many manifestations of his conditions.

Gray posted the note on her local Napier Facebook group along with an apology for her "disruptive" son.

The anonymous note left by a neighbour. Photo / Supplied
The anonymous note left by a neighbour. Photo / Supplied

After the Herald spoke to Gray, she says she was inundated with offers of help.

"I am absolutely overwhelmed with how many people have offered support and help in any way," she told the Herald.

"I've had other neighbours come by and visit offering their support and if I ever need time out, to just let them know. I've also received an email from someone that's willing to assist us with costs for anything, I've received messages from people from all over place to as far as London."

Ana Gray and her son Wiremu. Photo / Supplied
Ana Gray and her son Wiremu. Photo / Supplied

Gray, whose son is on the waiting list for a paediatrician appointment, says people have been showing a lot of kindness since that one rude note and she urges other parents, who may be suffering in silence, to reach out to their communities.

"I'd love for other parents going through the same or similar situations to reach out. There are some really awesome people out there that know what it's like to be in my shoes and are willing to help us in anyway. I am extremely thankful for those people," she added.

Gray, a solo mum with three other children, says she understands Wiremu's outbursts "get on people's nerves". "They get on my nerves too," she admits, adding she is just doing her best to cope with it on her own until the family gets some professional help.


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"I understand why my neighbours would complain, he is very loud and has his random outbursts almost every day," the mum says.

"I would have preferred being spoken to face to face so I can explain our situation. It is very hard for me doing this on my own."

Since first reported by the Herald, her story has been covered all over the world, including in the UK, where some offers of help have come from.

Wiremu and his sisters continue to enjoy the summer days, closely watched by mum, who's got renewed faith in humanity after a rougher start to the year.