There's safety in numbers for The Bay Sausage Rollers, a group of Hawke's Bay dachshund - or sausage-dog - owners that meets every month.

For the humans, it was a chance to meet new people and get some exercise, but primarily the group is for the dogs - to socialise, free from the bullies of the dog world.

"Scooter does not like big dogs," founder Megan Alderton said.

"We've been attacked a couple of times walking, by big dogs, so they are very skitterish.

"So when we come to these walks it's great, because the dogs are all their size and they all actually enjoy going for walks.


"They are quite hesitant walking around parks if a big dog comes near them.

So far there have been two walks with more than 20 dogs at each, despite inclement weather. And the group's Facebook page has climbed to more than 40 members.

Like all dog owners, Alderton reckoned hers was the best. And she claimed Dachsunds were superior to other breeds.

"They've got the heart of a big dog," she said.

"They were bred for getting badgers out of their lairs, so they've got plenty of get up and go.

"They are the most loving dog – they'll sit up on your knee and cuddle like a cat.

"They are very clean dogs – they are just an amazing dog."

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