Some of the hardworking and humble residents of Flaxmere will again be featured in the annual Heroes Calendar.

The launch, to be held at Focal Point Cinema from 5.30pm today, will celebrate the 18 2019 heroes and heroines recognised for their devotion and contribution to their community.

The initiative was launched by the U-Turn trust by Hastings district councillor and ambassador Henare O'Keefe as a way to counteract negative publicity towards the suburb.

Since its initial release in 2010, more than 100 people have been featured.


Despite to this day not seeing herself as a "hero", Flaxmere resident Brenda Wainohu was honoured in the calendar in 2013 for her extensive help in the community.

"I'm just a mother of 10 who loves our community and just wants to be a part of decision making within the community, to be able to give our children; our tamariki, our rangatahi opportunities, just like other provinces and other areas throughout New Zealand," Wainohu said.

She believes the initiative is powerful as it enables the community to recognise the often unnoticed heroes. But it also inspires these people, just like her to keep going.

And whether or not you are recognised, her advice to all people would be to "keep doing the things you are doing, so long as everyday is a day that we make it better for ourselves and our community".

O'Keefe said he expected a large crowd of family and friends of the heroes at the event.

The launch will have a short welcome, speeches, prayer and waiata before the heroes come on stage individually and a video is shown about them with a few words from O'Keefe.

"It never ceases to amaze me, the calibre of people that come out of Flaxmere."

The calendar, which is sponsored by Totara Health, will be hand-delivered to every house in Flaxmere.