Most of Hawke's Bay will experience t-shirt weather for most of this week but you might not want to pack away the thermals for the year just yet.

MetService has forecast daytime highs of 21C and 22C for Napier and Hastings on Tuesday andmeteorologist April Clark said both cities could expect things to warm up even more until the end of the week.

"You have clear skies with the intensity of the sun heating up, it means you are getting those warmer days again so it's not looking too bad for the next couple of days.

"As we head into Wednesday, there could be a little bit of fog around for some people but mainly a fine morning, again with some light showers around the ranges with light winds and sea breezes."


A southerly change late on Thursday and into Friday would lower temperatures.

"It will stay mainly fine but there may be some showers behind that front. That's why as we head into Friday your daytime temperatures are a little bit cooler.

"Friday you have highs of 17C for both Napier and Hastings and that's in contract to 23C and 24C the day previous. So, that's quite a drop - a six degree drop between Friday and Thursday - and that's just because of the southerly change."

Northerly winds return on Saturday, helping ramp up temperatures to about 20C again.