Sticking up for dad will cost a young Hastings mobster several years in jail after admitting a robbery because his victim was taking his father to court for assault.

But 21-year-old Jordan Stratton-Pineaha hadn't always been so agreeable, taking the matter to a sentencing indication before pleading guilty to the charge of aggravated robbery in the Napier District Court.

Stratton-Pineaha had sat down and refused to stand for the judge after the indication of a prison sentence was given by Judge Geoff Rea on Monday and kicked a door as Corrections officers led him to a court holding room.

Yesterday however, defence counsel Jonathan Krebs said his client accepted the indication.


The defendant then pleaded guilty to carrying out the robbery with a person unknown on the night of March 26 this year.

Crown prosecutor Cameron Stuart said no evidence would be offered on a further charge of obstructing the course of justice and it was discharged.

According to the summary of facts, Stratton-Pineaha and his associate went to the complainant's address in Mahora, Hastings, about 11pm.

The man was asleep at the time, but awoke to a knock at the door, which he opened as the pair burst in uninvited.

Stratton-Pineaha wore a black leather Mongrel Mob vest, a black hoody, and a red bandanna around his neck, while his associate also wore a black hoody, and had a red bandanna covering his face.

Stratton-Pineaha said he was there to take some of the complainant's property because he was taking the intruder's father to court, and then brandished a knife as he yelled at the man: "Try going to the police about this or try to stop me and I'll cut you."

He then took the man's laptop computer and cell phone from the bedroom, while the associate took a set of keys and a wallet from the kitchen as the pair left.

The man went to a neighbour's address to notify police, and then found a spare car key to drive to the Hastings station, fearing the intruders would return.


Stratton-Pineaha was arrested the next day.

He was remanded in custody for sentencing on November 16.