The way your rubbish is collected is about to change, with both Napier City and Hastings District councils having adopted the joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (WMMP).

Council rubbish bags will be replaced with 80-litre general rubbish wheelie bins, which will be provided to every home in the current council collection areas.

Recycling will also be promoted, with recycling containers provided to ensure plastics, paper and glass were kept as clean as possible to enable them to be recycled.

Initially rubbish will continue to be collected weekly, as is currently the case in both cities.


However, there is a possibility the councils will move to a fortnightly collection as people become more skilled at waste minimisation.

Napier will move to a weekly recycling service, as opposed to fortnightly. Hastings already collects recycling weekly.

The overall vision of the joint WMMP is to reduce waste across the two cities, and work towards zero waste.

Hastings deputy mayor Tania Kerr said the council is delighted with the level of community engagement on the project.

"This feedback has helped shape the plan, which will make an impressive difference to the future of out landfill and will continue to have a very positive effect on the environment."

Napier councillor Annette Brosnan said she was very proud of the strategy.

"I'm very proud of this strategy, for its aspiration, its community input and its practical challenge to use all to be more waste wise."

The aim of the plan is to reduce waste going into Omarunui landfill, which received 84, 000 tonnes of waste in 2016/2017.

Of this, 49.1 percent was recyclable or compostable.

The new bins will be provided from 2020.