It's not everyday a celebrity chef turns up at your door to cook you dinner and Haumoana resident Annie Quinlivan couldn't be more pleased.

Radio station Coast, ran a competition called Coast Roast where listeners could win themselves roast dinner cooked by Brett McGregor at their home.

Quinlivan was the grand winner of the competition and welcomed McGregor into her home on Saturday.

"I was made most welcome," McGregor laughed. "Annie and her kids seemed really stoked that I was there."


"It's obviously a great part of New Zealand to be in, Haumoana is really beautiful - it's a bit of a reminder of ol' New Plymouth where I grew up."

McGregor's arrival to cook the family a roast meal slotted in perfectly-as Quinlivan had just installed a brand new kitchen.

"When I was trying to issue orders - they weren't really keen on helping so much - they were happy to sit back, watch and enjoy the whole experience," he chuckled.

McGregor spent a majority of the day with the Quinlivan family, arriving at 1.30pm and stayed until 8.30pm.

"I had a couple of wines with them and just kicked back - it was just great."

McGregor said he was originally going to cook a roast chicken, but the family went with a different option.

"Annie requested a roast pork, so that's what I went with. I cooked a 5kg deboned roll of pork shoulder."

McGregor's inspiration for cooking and trying new flavour combinations stemmed from his travels-and he certainly brought that into the kitchen.

"I added side dishes of pancetta, broccolini with olive oil and slithered toasted almonds, roast kumera and parsnip, fennel and baby carrots with pine nuts, parsley and a caper maple dressing."

"I also added some minted potatoes with butter and salt and pepper- it was just one of those classic roasts with a few international influences."

McGregor cooked for 12 people and topped the evening off with cheesecake with vanilla icecream and salted caramel sauce.

By the end of the evening he had succeeded in successfully filling 12 empty bellies and was even more impressed that not an ounce of meat was left over.

"I didn't think they would eat it all - it was 5kg - it was a massive meal. There were two tables joined together, it felt like Christmas. But I was very impressed."

"It's always a bit of a lottery cooking for people because not everyone likes the same things - they seemed to enjoy it and they made the night very easy, they were just a lovely group of people to cook for."

McGregor said it was always a pleasure coming to Hawke's Bay and planned to come more often.

"I probably come down about twice a year but I would love to visit more often - any opportunity and I'm into it."

"It was just awesome to spend a night there drinking some lovely wine in such a festive region."