An elderly man is in a serious condition after being knocked off his mobility scooter on a pedestrian crossing in Hastings yesterday morning.

A police spokesperson said a southbound vehicle had stopped for the man on the crossing, at the intersection of Karamu Rd and Mayfair Ave, but a northbound van hadn't seen him and struck the scooter.

The accident halted peak morning traffic at about 7.45am and Sergeant Paul Ormerod said the impact knocked the man off his scooter.

Magpie Motel owner Lisa Lomas said she was first alerted to the incident by a commotion outside her business and looked outside to see an elderly man lying on the road.


"It looked like someone had knocked him off his mobility scooter on the pedestrian crossing. He just had a bit of a scratch on his head and had something on his arm and leg."

She said several people had rushed to the man's side to help within seconds of the incident.

"There was a nurse there, which was lucky, and she just took over. She was amazing.

"We had some of our guests helping out and they already had about 10 people around the gentleman so I just watched what was going on."​

She said a nearby bus driver directed motorists past the scene after cars started to build up in the peak traffic.

"He did a pretty good job too."

Karamu Dairy manager Tarun Kailia said when he arrived at the scene he could see a wheel had come off the man's mobility scooter.

The thoroughfare was a busy but safe area and there hadn't been many accidents at the pedestrian crossing, he said.

Lomas said she was impressed by the quick response of bystanders who jumped into action when the elderly man was knocked over.

"It was amazing to watch. I'm sure people are like that anywhere but there were just so many people around helping him, it was just really cool."

Yesterday afternoon a Hawke's Bay District Health Board spokesperson said the man was in a serious condition.

A police spokesperson said no charges had been laid in relation to the incident.