An unidentified flying object has been spotted hovering above Hawke's Bay.

A student pilot captured a shot of the mysterious object, which seemed rather indecisive about what direction it was going.

The 1metre tall object was spotted yesterday hovering about the rural Hastings area at about 2000 feet.

A pilot's view of the mystery object yesterday
A pilot's view of the mystery object yesterday

Freelance photographer Tim Whittaker posted the photos on his Facebook page and received plenty of insight on what the object might be.


It's understood the pilot claimed the object moved in one direction, then returned the same way it came.

From a flying roast chicken, to a giant floating football helmet, or even "ET returning for more Reese's Pieces".

A police spokesperson said Eastern Police had not received any calls about the sighting.

It's not the first time strange objects and fluorescent lights have been spotted in Hawke's Bay skies, with recorded sightings dating back to as far as 1953.