Two aggravated robberies at dairies in Hawke's Bay have pushed the region's tally to 38 for this year alone.

Eastern District prevention manager, Inspector Dean Clifford said the figure included reported robberies of individuals and commercial properties.

"This level of offending is of big concern to police," he said. "We want to prevent anyone we can from becoming a victim of crime and are investigating thoroughly."

A number of people have been arrested and police have visited business owners during the past six months to offer prevention advice.


On Sunday, two men with a hammer stormed into the Grays Rd Convenient Store and Takeaway, one offender smashing the cabinet and the computer screen on the counter, while the other went to the cigarette cabinet.

The woman hid in the corner of her shop and does not think they saw her.

"It was near closing time and I was in the back doing dishes and the boy helping me saw them coming and before I knew it, it was too late.

"I was worried they would see me. I wasn't moving."

She has CCTV cameras in store and doesn't know what more she can do.

Her stor was also robbed in 2015.

On Saturday evening five teenagers approached the Westshore Corner Store on Charles St as the owner was closing.

He was punched to the ground and suffered minor injuries before several of the teens ran into the dairy and stole packets of chips.


Clifford said there did not appear to be a link between the two robberies, though it appeared that youth are behind a number of the attacks.

"If any business owners wished to discuss how to keep themselves and their premises safe we encourage them to contact their local police station to receive advice.

"Police also encourage business owners and members of the public to report any suspicious activity they witness.

"This assists police in building up a better picture of crime and helps us to get a better picture of what is happening in our communities."