Police are investigating after a woman was found stabbed in her home in Napier.

The victim, in her mid-20s, was found by a member of the public walking past a property on Kelvin Rd, in Maraenui, about 2pm yesterday.

Authorities were alerted to the incident when a member of the public walking past the victim's house heard her cries for help.

She had suffered serious injuries and was taken to hospital, where she has since undergone surgery.


A resident on the street told the Herald she found out about the incident after police and emergency vehicles started arriving.

"Somebody said someone had got stabbed.

"They've got tents at the back, there's a whole scene examination going on right now.''

It is understood a number of people lived at the property.

At the scene this afternoon, toys and a colourful children's swing set sat on the front lawn, as forensic officers wearing hazmat suits could be seen carrying out their investigations.

A single green vehicle was parked on the property.

A mobile control unit was also on the site and several detectives could be seen coming and going.

The scene was cordoned off with police tape and security guards in place.


A neighbour said spotlights had been used to illuminate the house overnight, with security guards also moving people away from the scene during the night.