Age is no barrier when it comes to bootscooting in Dannevirke, especially not for the group's teacher, Joan Jameson.

Jameson turns 90 in August, but continues to teach the 30 members of the Dannevirke Bootscooters every week.

"We think she's a wonderful person and deserves recognition for all her efforts," Bootscooter Sylvia Sweetman said.

Jameson has been line dancing for 25 years and teaching the local group for 12, but she packs plenty of other things into her day as well, visiting Dannevirke rest homes and the Elske Centre.


"She usually fits all this into our line-dancing day and still shows us what's what," Sweetman said.

"She's such a lovely person and our group wouldn't be what it is without her."

As a special treat recently, Sweetman drove the 89-year-old down Riverdale Rd to catch a ride to class in a pony and cart.

"I always pick Joan up for class, but when we arrived at my daughter's down Riverdale Rd and I pointed out the pony and cart, she said, 'you're joking'," Sweetman said.

"The pony, M&M, is my granddaughter's and my daughter, Trish, drove the cart and Joan up the hill to the scout hall where our group meets twice a week."

And although Jameson was a little nervous coming up Riverdale hill, she said the ride "thoroughly made her day."

Join the Dannevirke Bootscooters

The group meets twice a week on Tuesday and Friday, at the Scout Hall on Christian St, from 10am to 11am.