Letters to the editor published in Hawke's Bay Today on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Family contribution hailed

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Roger Alexander not only on his magnificent achievement in Puketapu, but also his recent Talking Point that pointed out to many of us, (and reminded those of us fortunate enough to have heard it from the horse's mouth before) the history and science behind his development of "Lake Alexander".

I have known the wider Alexander family all my life, and Roger personally for more years than is relevant to this debate, and know full well the contribution the family has made not only to their immediate communities, but to the greater Hawke's Bay community through many organisations, over generations, always unheralded.

Roger's courteous and well-written rebuttal of the extremely discourteous and patronising criticism of his 30 years of effort should serve as a salutary lesson to a section of the current group of regional councillors that trading on populist mantra may be a sure vote winner, but it will always risk being trumped by knowledge and wisdom.


It may seem clever to publicly criticise and denigrate the efforts of those who have gone before, especially those efforts that may not necessarily have been successful, (not in this case I should be clear) and practices that may not fit a particular political point of view, but often this criticism merely tells those of us with some experience just how little the critics actually know.

Michael Halliday, Hastings

Centre name

I agree with Alan Rhodes's opinion that "War Memorial Napier Conference Centre" is a clumsy name. It should be called "Napier War Memorial Conference Centre".

Mairi Clark, Taradale

Police need boost

Our police force is understaffed. The country is showing growth but we are not keeping up with the growth. Our Minister for Police and Napier MP and the coalition Government proudly announced that 650 police would grow the force.

Napier will get one! Today (Sunday) a huge cruise ship was in town. Three beggars out of their minds were around. Security phoned Napier police but got transferred to Hastings where he was told that they might send a car to Napier. That's a 20-minute job. Come on Stuart Nash, reinstate the police stations in Clive, Taradale and turn Napier into a 24-hour operation.

Make the police force function 24 hours per day and let's see our brave men and woman on the beat and visible.

Our beloved Mayor has been pretty silent on this issue. We have gangs here Mr Dalton, so make a noise. Push back. We need double the police force. Keep the community safe. Oh yes, it will cost me more in tax. So will this new recycling idea of yours.

I'd rather see funds go to policing to keep me and my neighbours safe; I am quite happy with the current recycling programme but not happy with current security and the mayhem created by gangs. Suggest you watch Police Ten 7on TV.

Andre van der Zwan,Taradale

Rest home plans

Eversley in Hastings is a beautiful and well-operated rest home, with a waiting list of future residents, giving some indication of its popularity and its proposed two-storey expansion is welcomed.

The building plans look great and I am certain they are not only in keeping with the surroundings but will also add value to nearby properties.

The bare section of land on the corner of Kitchener and Nelson streets, which has been designated for this purpose (and has remained vacant for as long as I can remember) will finally be put to good use.

It just makes sense to do this to accommodate the increasing population of elderly people who will no doubt require rest home-level care in the future.

I wish Eversley management, staff and all involved in its planning, building and future occupation all the very best for this exciting project. May it all run very smoothly from here on in.

Gemma McIvor, Hastings
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