I've always been quite an awkward person.

I was one of those kids who constantly felt a bit behind the rest of the crowd, never quite knowing what the "cool" or "right" thing to do or say was.

Things that seem like common sense to most people I will sometimes take a bit longer to catch on to.

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And that's okay; I've come to accept it and just laugh at myself when these awkward situations come up, as they still frequently do.

Like the time I joined the gym and was told to bring a sweat towel to my first visit.

Not knowing what a sweat towel was, I took in an over-sized bath towel.

The personal trainer asked if I was planning to shower before my workout.

Or when I asked a very prominent member of the town I used to live in if the child riding a bike around us was his daughter, only to have him reply that it was his son.

In my defence, he possessed luscious blonde locks and quite a pretty face.

Or recently when I was at the costume-hire place trying on outfits for Art Deco, a task I find quite uncomfortable anyway, as I have no fashion sense.

Luckily for me the women there are well aware of this and now just pick things off the shelf for me so all I need to do is try them on.

After trying on a couple of things, I came across a black dress and cardigan.

The top we a good fit but the dress just felt awkward, like it was twisted or not sitting quite right, one side felt longer than the other and it was quite tight.

Putting this down to my ever-expanding pregnant belly I walked out of the changing room to show my workmates.

They were not overly enthused by the look, so I returned to the dressing room and de-clothed when one of the assistants asked me whether the pants she'd provided fitted.

I was about to reply there were no pants when I realised the "dress" was actually a pair of trousers. No wonder it had felt weird!

I'd somehow managed to squeeze myself into one leg of the pants and hauled them up over my chest to wear as a dress.

And this, folks, is why for everyday-wear, I tend to stick to jeans and T-shirts. No mistaking them for a dress!

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