Mongrel Mob president Rex Timu has breached his home detention conditions.

The Hastings chapter president was sentenced to seven months' home detention in the Napier District Court in October last year for assault, intimidation and threatening with menace.

The 50-year-old punched his nephew after he lost a $6400 loan for cannabis to on-sell in April last year and then used standover tactics on his nephew's friend, whom he thought responsible for stealing the money.

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Timu appeared before Judge Bridget Mackintosh in the Hastings District Court yesterday charged with one charge of breaching his home detention conditions.

He pleaded guilty through his defence lawyer Darren Foster, who told the court his client had left his Flaxmere address for two and a half hours to search for several dogs that had escaped the property after a gate was left open.

Mr Foster said Timu was concerned for the safety of the public as the dogs, which were of bulldog-cross and Staffordshire bull terrier breeds, could be harmful if approached by the public.

The defendant was five months into his home detention sentence without any other breaches and "deeply remorseful" about the situation, the defence lawyer said.

Judge Mackintosh confirmed this was Timu's first breach but said his time was not his own and he had to serve it at his home address.

She sentenced him to a suspended sentence of six months and warned him that another breach would attract a more serious penalty, such as a period of imprisonment.

A suspended sentence is effectively a good behaviour bond, which means no further punishment if the defendant does not reoffend within the given time period.

At the defendant's sentencing in the Napier District Court last year the court heard he thought his nephew Leroy Bishop had been "rolled" and he was trying to sort it out.

His nephew had lost $6400 Timu loaned him to on-sell cannabis and when Mr Bishop told him this he punched him in the head; causing him to fall against a metal fence and rip his ear.

He went on to accuse Mr Bishop's friend of stealing the money, saying he would follow her to her house and take her vehicle as security until the money was returned.