Dynamic duo Adam Green and Sarah Van Der Kley have topped the radio charts with their breakfast show, The Hits Hawke's Bay.

The show is the number one local breakfast gig in both station share and cumulative audience, according to the 2017 GfK independent radio survey.

With almost 10,000 people tuning in every morning, The Hits is the second most listened to breakfast show in Hawke's Bay and has more than 18,000 listeners throughout the day.

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Co-host Adam Green said the radio duo had fostered a "fantastic" dynamic since they started working together in January.

"She's one of my best friends and when you get to go to work everyday with one of your best friends it's always a pleasure and never a chore.

"I'm so stoked I get to work with her and that she's a part of my mornings."

It had been a big year for Mr Green both personally and professionally as the new job entailed moving his family to Hawke's Bay from Taranaki.

"It's been a big year of going out, meeting a whole bunch of new people and getting actively involved in the Hawke's Bay community.

"I think that's paying off; getting stuck in, getting out and meeting so many cool people. It's nice to see that that pays off and people are actually listening to us."

When asked if he had a favourite moment of the year, he couldn't name just one.

"It's hard to say because I've gotten to be a tourist in my own backyard and do so many incredible things. From seeing the gannets to going along to school events and visiting so many schools across the region. There's been too many to list."

He said he wanted to thank those in the region for tuning in to The Hits Hawke's Bay.

"Thank you to Hawke's Bay for making me a part of your morning, allowing me into your lives both on the radio and out in the wider public. It's a fantastic place to live.

"The people are friendly and lovely and, not only for myself but also my family, I'm just so happy to be here. It's been a wonderful year and I hope 2018 can be exactly the same."