Dannevirke Police attended six family violence incidents in one week this month. In the majority of these incidents alcohol has been a contributing factor. Police issued one Police Safety Order and made one arrest.

Police generally notice a rise in alcohol-fuelled incidents as the days get longer during the summer.

Now that the summer is upon us police urge people who may be enjoying a drink or two into the longer evenings to please just be aware of the sometimes negative effects of excess consumption on the body, both physically and mentally.

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This month there were a number of graffiti-related incidents around Allan and Guy Sts Dannevirke, with residential and community-owned properties targeted. The graffiti appears to have made by silver spray paint. The damage has cost time and money for the owners of the effected properties and police would like to hear from anyone who may have information as to who was responsible. The initials SFO were sprayed at some of the sites.

Woodville Police continue to be concerned at the speed drivers are travelling through the area, particularly along the Pinfold Rd/Oxford Rd route around Woodville. This has been a temporary 70km/h speed zone for some time and will continue to be so.

On November 13 one driver was checked at 164km/h on Oxford Rd, and a large proportion of drivers regularly exceed 90km/h. There are signs displaying the speed limit and for the safety of all road users they need to be adhered to.

● On Tuesday, December 5 Southern Tararua police and other members will be at three locations in the Southern Tararua to have a coffee and chat to the community.

This is an opportunity for members of the community to speak to local Police in an informal setting.

They will be at each location for about an hour and encourage people to come along and have a chat with local and out of town members about any issues on their mind. It is also a good opportunity to meet some of the new police members working in our area.

Police will not be receiving, or providing any free or discounted refreshments at these venues. Tuesday December 5, 9am Lazy Graze, Main Street Eketahuna; 11am Finest Batch Bakery, Main Street Pahiatua; 1pm Bridge Café, 91 George Road, Ballance. "Coffee With A Cop" started in America and is designed to encourage communities and cops to interact in a friendly environment