Concerns have been raised about whether Marine Parade's new layout can accommodate flurries of passengers when the cruise ship season reaches its peak.

The Napier City Council have been realigning the main thoroughfare along the shore front in the Marine Parade Traffic Calming project.

The biggest change so far means all two-way traffic has been shifted on to the seaward side of the planted median, with parking introduced on the city-side.

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The realignment will also include a roundabout at the intersection with Vautier Street, additional informal pedestrian crossing points along the entire length, improved parking outside the i-Site, and provision for overflow coach parking in the parking precinct.

However with the project yet to finish, residents took to social media to complain after cruise ship buses were double parked recently, blocking the road for other traffic.

Buses flooded into Napier CBD last week when the Noordom docked at Napier Port, a taste of what is to come with the summer cruise ship season just around the corner.

Council Strategic Planning Lead Fleur Lincoln said they had been made aware some double parking occurred during Wednesday's cruise ship visit.

"This has been acknowledged by the bus service and was resolved quickly," she said.

"We will continue to work closely with the coach operators to ensure a smooth transition to the new layout."

It is hoped the project will improve connections between the city and waterfront, encourage slower moving vehicles, and possibly reduce the number of heavy vehicles.

The project is a 'live study' to see if a small change in the way vehicles are directed along Marine Parade has a positive effect.

Feedback was still coming into the council on the project, which had received around 80 feedback items from 20 individuals - some chose to comment on one aspect of the project, others on a number of aspects.

Ms Lincoln said they were expecting more of an influx once the construction phase was complete.

"It's a mixed bag, although in general, feedback shows strong support for council's measures to slow traffic and reduce the number of heavy vehicles.

"We've also been able to make some changes to the plan as a result of feedback received, including adding a new loading zone and installing additional signage."

It had been anticipated the realignment would be completed in November. However there had been some minor delays, which meant the construction phase would extend into the first week of December.

There are over 60 cruises scheduled to stop in Napier Port over the summer.

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