Despite being smashed five times, Napier City Council is replacing the glass on its viewing platform.

Mayor Bill Dalton said they were going to have "one more go at a nice, clean, see through" design.

"We have found a new product which we think is appropriate. It is our final attempt to reinstate the glass as it should be and how it was intended to be."

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Napier's Marine Parade view platform open after glass fixed


The 67m structure, extending over Pacific Beach near Marine Parade's Sunken Gardens, had two of its three glass panels smashed on October 30.

He said he did not want to say too much, as he was worried it would become a challenge for the vandals.

Mr Dalton warned that the council could not keep replacing the glass at a cost of thousands of dollars for ratepayers.

"If it continues to be broken, we will have to resort to some sort of stainless steel grate."

The viewing platform, which opened in December 2015, was designed by Napier architect Graham Weaver as a tourist attraction and for aesthetic reasons to obscure view of a stormwater outfall.

"The whole idea was that when walking on the viewing platform, it would be like there was no end to the beautiful vista out to sea. That is how Graham Weaver designed it to be and how we would like it to be," Mr Dalton said.

To prevent further vandalism in the area people are encouraged to report anti-social behaviour immediately.

The maximum penalty for wilful damage is three months' imprisonment and/or a fine of $2000.