The Hawke's Bay region will be plagued by showers and cool temperatures for much of the week ahead.

MetService meteorologist Andy Best said the morning would kick off with fine weather and high cloud before afternoon and evening showers later in the day.

"We are expecting some rain to develop overnight on Sunday over Hawke's Bay with strengthening northeasterlies but the good news is the rain will clear before dawn today."

Fresh southerlies, accompanied by occasional showers, moving up the country tomorrow morning would soon change the tune of the weather, he said.


"On Wednesday the showers are really about the coast in the early morning and the rest of the area of Hawke's Bay is mainly fine but later on rain will spread from the west at night.

"Those southerlies that were there on Tuesday will die out and northerlies will develop over the course of the evening."

Mr Best said there would be early rain on Thursday followed by showers, mainly about the ranges, and northerlies would turn to westerlies throughout the day.

"Unfortunately when we get to Friday we've got another southerly change so there will be a period of rain throughout Friday as the winds turn southerly."

Temperatures throughout the week will reach highs of 17C during the day and drop as low as 8C overnight.

Mr Best said Tuesday would be the coolest day of the week with a high of 14C.

He said the cooler weather was a result of a "regime of southerlies" currently flowing up the country.

"Unfortunately when we're in the regime of southerlies, nothing can prevent that temperature from dropping in that area.

"We are in changeable conditions with both northerlies and southerlies which is what we can expect at least for the first three quarters of the month before it settles down a bit."

He said the northwesterly winds the region had experienced in recent weeks were not forecast for the near future.

"We don't have those northwesterlies; when the winds blow across the ranges from the northwest you get something called a fern effect which warms the temperatures up east in the ranges, which is why you get that lovely warm weather in Hawke's Bay."