Water was a topical focal point for Tukituki candidates at last night's Forest and Bird Hastings- Havelock North branch meeting.

Labour's candidate Anna Lorck said when she spoke prior to the election back in 2014 at Forest and Bird's Candidate Forum water didn't even come up.

"Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to water is on the top of everyone's mind. Fair to say there are thousands buying water to drink and there is a continuous stream of people filling up water at the pumps."

"It is birthright of every single New Zealander to have safe water and it is a birthright to be able to swim in a clean river."


Joining Ms Lorck in the hot seat was National Tukituki candidate Lawrence Yule, Tukituki Greens candidate Chris Perley and Tukituki Democrats for Social Credit candidate Dick Ryan.

Candidates spoke about what they hoped to achieve for the environment if elected as the MP and answered questions from committee members.

Mr Yule like Ms Lorck also spoke about the importance of water and said despite the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme being a disaster in terms of how it was managed supported water storage.

"We will have to manage and deal with water in a different way to the past. I am optimistic we can manage affects of climate change and storage in harmony and keep jobs and the productive face going."

With Labour's new leader Jacinda Ardern announcing a water royalty plan Ms Lorck resonated with members.

She said the water royalties would come back to the locals and most of it would be invested in Hawke's Bay to help clean up the rivers and stop pollution.

At the centre of Mr Perley's discussion was about a fundamental ecological system.

Mr Perley said the Greens understood the underground fundamental reality of the planet and how this society was within that and the economy sits within society.

"Instead we have a situation where we have an extracted pillage economy."

Mr Perley was also a strong advocate for increasing funding for DOC and said his party planned to double it.

Mr Ryan focused on sustainability and said dairying and tourism, the country's biggest earners were unsustainable and caused pollution.

Other topics debated were the RWSS land swap, funding for at the border security and control of feral cats.