New CCTV security cameras on the way for Dannevirke will see better in the dark and increase visibility during low light.

The cameras, provided by the Dannevirke Promotions and Development group, need only one 20th of the light of the current cameras.

Twelve of the new cameras will be installed in Dannevirke and eight in Woodville.

"The Dannevirke Promotions and Development group have begun applying for the $60,000 of funding needed," Peter Wimsett, the Tararua District Council's strategy and district development manager, said.

"These cameras will remove some of the risk if people are skulking around in dark corners."


The new cameras, at a cost of $835 each, can plug easily into the existing CCTV security connections.

Mr Wimsett said some of the cameras would be destined for placement outside Dannevirke's Community Hospital on Barraud St.

Binh Van Long, the manager at Saigon Restaurant and Bar, also wants to see improved lighting and the installation of security cameras in the alleyway off Barraud St behind the premises after a burglary at Saigon in August last year and a knife-point daylight robbery on May 8 this year.

Dannevirke's network of 48 CCTV cameras was installed in 2014/15 after the project was initiated in March 2011 by the Dannevirke Promotions and Development group, with a huge funding boost by the efforts of the Dannevirke Chamber of Commerce.

At the time, the security camera coverage was the most comprehensive, quality system in New Zealand for the area it covered and brought to an end a spate of window-smashing throughout the town.

Now, in addition to the 20 new cameras, highly specialised licence-plate recognition technology is also about to be trialled.

Tararua District Mayor Tracey Collis said people in our community needed to feel safe.

"The crime-prevention meeting in Dannevirke with the police demonstrated the community feeling, but we're not alone in this."


Also helping to increase visibility in Dannevirke will be the installation of LED street lighting which will be rolled out over the next 18 months to two years.