Totara College couldn't have chosen a better day for their first mud run on Saturday - it rained up until the start, ensuring there was mud, glorious mud.

The mud run on John Lamason's farm on Laws Rd at Rua Roa was a unique way for the school to raise money for 16 students and adults to travel to Vanuatu in November.

"We're going to Vanuatu to connect with another school there and to help them out," teacher Jonny Max said.

"The trip will also give students an amazing cultural experience."


After participants ploughed their way through the mud, there was hot soup, chocolate, coffee and cupcakes waiting.

"There were also cold drinks available, but for some reason they weren't very popular," Mr Max said.

"But Kim Spooner's Coffee Kart was very popular."

And with all that sticky mud to be removed, three Dannevirke volunteer firefighters, Mike Green, Matthew Jensen and Eion Cameron, turned up with a fire truck and their decontamination unit for the big wash off.

"This was extremely powerful, very cold, but very effective," Mr Max said. Although conditions were perfect for a mud run, organisers would have liked to see more people take part.

"We weren't happy with the turn out but everyone who came seemed to love it," Totara College principal Debbie Max said.

And when asked if she'd do the mud run again, Miss Max was quick to reply.

"Definitely. Now people can see how much fun it is and the word is out, we'll do it again."