The Labour Party announced its party list of 74 candidates this morning, with local Labour MP Stuart Nash placed 10th in the ranking.

Labour Party president Nigel Haworth said that after considering potential candidates over the weekend, he was excited that the party's strong caucus would be supported by a fresh team of candidates who reflected New Zealand's diversity.

The list was meant to be announced yesterday but was delayed when it was understood further discussions were held with broadcaster Willie Jackson who wanted to improve his ranking at number 21.

This remained the same this morning, however, in the list that followed the Labour commitment to consider at least 50 per cent of MPs being women, when making selections.


Napier electorate MP and Labour spokesperson for police, forestry, and economic development Stuart Nash gained a high ranking at 10th on the list, after opting out last elections in favour of winning the support of his electorate.

Similarly, Anna Lorck and Kieran McAnulty both stood for Labour at the last elections in the Tukituki and Wairarapa electorates respectively, but neither chose to be on the list.

This year Mr McAnulty, however, has been placed 37th and Ms Lorck at 45.