Police say a truck driver is co-operating with their inquiry into the fatal crash on Georges Dr, Napier, last Friday.

Cyclist Benjamin Den Ouden, 30, was killed when he was involved in a collision with a truck between Kennedy Rd and Thistle St, shortly before 6pm.

A police spokesperson said the truck and driver involved in the crash had since been located and the driver was cooperating with the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crash.

A witness to the fatal accident said fears over such a tragedy had been ongoing since roundabouts were installed on Marine Parade.


The Napier City Council put in the roundabouts in an effort to divert heavy traffic heading to Napier Port away from the popular tourist section of the city, but it had resulted in more trucks using Georges Dr, which, although classed as a state highway, passed through a residential area.

The resident, who did not want to be named, said she and others living on the road had been concerned for a long time about the safety of residents, including children.

"It's a designated state highway but in the eight years I have been living here, and especially since traffic calming was put in Marine Parade, there's been more trucks using this route.

"There's a huge volume of traffic, day and night, which is not only a safety risk but also creates noise and air pollution."

Seeing the accident last Friday had brought home their fears that one day such a tragedy would occur there, she said.

"We have been thinking for a long time that this needs to be sorted out - in a beautiful city like Napier and with a forward-thinking council surely something could be done."

She asked why the trucks could not take routes through industrial zones, rather than "barrelling" down the residential street.

Another resident said their concern centred on the intersection of Kennedy Rd and Georges Dr.


"That corner is atrocious - there are no turning lights and people have not got time to get around the corner, so they often run the lights to do it."

In addition, residents trying to turn into their houses were often stuck with traffic coming up behind them, reliant on those drivers being alert.

"I know that traffic has to go somewhere but, as it increases, it needs to diverted further afield and away from residential areas."

A Napier City Council roading spokesperson said there had only been one recent complaint about traffic on Georges Dr.

"We direct any queries about SH2 to the NZ Transport Agency as it is the road-controlling authority for that road. Council works with all stakeholders and the community to ensure management of the roads under its authority is appropriate for all road users and the surrounding land uses."