Young people are the future of the RSA, so it was heart-warming for current members to have their help in erecting the Field of Remembrance, RSA president Roly Ellis said.

The five young people were happy to share some of the back-breaking work required to place more then 240 white crosses in the ground at Dannevirke's Upper Domain, adjacent to the Cenotaph this week.

"It's about showing respect," Sam Borlase said.

For Fergus Broad it was about showing his appreciation for the sacrifices of our World War I soldiers.


Todd Andersen attends Anzac Day ceremonies each year and helping with the Field of Remembrance was a chance to contribute.

This year, thanks to the hard work of RSA members Allan Toxward and John Ross, transporting the white crosses to the Cenotaph was much easier.

In an effort to reduce the lifting and manhandling of the crosses, the two men designed a Field of Remembrance trailer, with all the material donated by local businesses.

"They've done a wonderful job," Mr Ellis said.