Hundreds of volunteers work tirelessly behind the scenes every year to ensure the Tremains Art Deco Festival runs smoothly. Alice Lock asked one of the volunteers, Niki Keehan, five questions.

1. When did you first get involved with Art Deco?

I went to my first Gatsby Picnic in 1993 and from there I went on to be involved as a volunteer in 2002 helping out with the shop and then in 2007 I became a guide. This year I am helping as an Art Deco ambassador as well handing out pamphlets, telling people where to go and what things are on.

2. What is your favourite aspect of Art Deco?


I love dressing up but there is so much more to enjoy. It's great taking people around the city and talking about Art Deco with those who are keen to know more. I love to show them the Art Deco style buildings and it is great to be able to share the joy of Art Deco with them.

3. What items of clothing will you be wearing this weekend?

I have a lot of outfits which I have bought mostly from op shops as they have a lot of 1980s clothing that adapts well for a good 1920s look. I have a different outfit for most events but I will be wearing my favourite dress which is navy blue and has a white spotted top with a pleated bottom, then at the Gatsby Picnic I will be wearing an old pink dress.

4. What has changed the most with Art Deco since your involvement in 1993?

There have been amazing changes but I think what is most noticeable is the amount of people who are now dressing up and enjoying the occasion. Go back five or six years and you would only see people dressed up on the Saturday or Sunday whereas now it goes all week. The growth in events is another change as people can come along and watch the planes or attend events like the great Gatsby Picnic and Saturday Night at the Shell.

5. What are some events you recommend people must get down and see?

Apart from the sold-out ticketed events I think everyone should try to come down with their big hats during the day and fascinator in the evening for the main parade today, then the dog parade on Sunday morning and the Vintage Car Parade. It will be a lot of fun.