A woman and man involved in a head-on crash are lucky to have non life-threatening injuries, according to police.

A woman had to be cut out of her car after a collision with another vehicle in Fernhill yesterday.

The woman was driving towards Hastings approaching the turn-off to SH50 about 8.15am.

A man in a black Subaru was coming towards her, heading for the Fernhill Bridge when the cars collided.


Sergeant Kris Shadbolt said it appeared the Subaru had possibly crossed the centre line.

"We're just lucky with the modern cars that they've got the airbags and the impact buoyancy, they've both been very lucky and you can tell that by the state of the vehicles," Mrs Shadbolt said.

It was a 100kmh zone but a stretch of road where cars were often slowing down for the 50kmh area or speeding up having just passed through it.

The woman was more seriously injured but in a stable condition. Both had been taken to Hawke's Bay Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, she said.