A person was injured after being attacked with a hammer last night.

Limited information is available on the attack, which is believed to have occurred in Hastings in the middle of the night.

Senior Sergeant Dan Foley, of Eastern Police Command Centre, said police believed there had been an attack with a hammer which left one person injured.

He was not sure how serious these injuries were.


Police were not able to provide information on where the attack occured.

This morning, a young man was arrested on Heretaunga St in relation to the attack.

Mr Foley said the possible offender had been identified by a witness. He was arrested for serious assault, but as he was a youth had not been charged as yet.

Police had limited information at this stage, Mr Foley said, as statements had not been taken last night in a manner which meant police could process the incident today.

"Police are looking into what happened," he said, adding CIB were investigating.

Detective Glen Baker of the Hastings CIB said they did not have any more information at present, as they were still waiting on statements.

He thought the attack happened around midnight.