Would you know where to go in the case of a tsunami warning?

A major earthquake could trigger a tsunami which would reach the east coast in 50 minutes.

Hawke's Bay Civil Defence group controller Ian Macdonald said people shouldn't wait for an official warning to evacuate.

"There may be a time when a local earthquake causes a tsunami so suddenly that we don't have time to warn anyone. People should not wait for a siren or a knock on the door: If you feel an earthquake that is 'long or strong, get gone' is the message."


Civil Defence recommends evacuating by foot, as roads will get congested.

Grab your emergency kit and your family and head towards:

Napier area: Bluff Hill, Hospital Hill are safe zones - otherwise, head inland towards Puketapu, but not close to the channel

Hastings area: likely to be fine

Clive: away from the river, and as far inland as possible towards Mangateretere

Haumoana: away from the coast and from Tukituki River. Head southwest from the township

Te Awanga: inland toward Parkhill Road

Waimarama: away from the coast, but not close to the river. South-west from the township is the best direction.

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