Dannevirke freezing worker Aaron Te Kahi couldn't believe his luck when told he'd won an unexpected $5000 in an NZCU Baywide personal loan promotion.

"It was awesome to get that call because it's not often you borrow money and then win some of it back," he told the Dannevirke News.

Mr Te Kahi, 33, was the winner of a NZCU Baywide branch-wide personal loan promotion and news of his win had the Dannevirke branch buzzing.

NZCU Baywide Dannevirke branch manager Rozanne Jensen said branch staff were thrilled that one of their local customers won.


"Aaron's been a customer for 14 years and we've all got a great relationship with him, so we were all so happy for him. I couldn't wait to tell him the news," Mrs Jensen said.

"And you should have heard the reaction of staff here in the branch too.

"I think we made more noise than Aaron."

Thrilled with his win, using some to repay some of his personal loan a bit quicker than planned and putting some money aside for the freezing works off season, Aaron has also had a "bit of a splash out".

But that spending on a bit of fun didn't include a ticket in last week's $44 million Lotto draw.

"I thought this win was enough luck for me, so I didn't buy a ticket," he said.

The promotion was open to any NZCU Baywide customers who took out a personal loan of more than $2000 between September 12 and October 31. The winner was drawn randomly from all those who had loans approved and drawn down across the NZCU Baywide 14-branch network as well as online applications.

Another $5000 cash prize is now up for grabs in a second prize draw for any customer who is approved for and draws down a personal loan of more than $2000 by December 16.