A tsunami warning doesn't stop Hastings thrill seeker Matt Morley from hunting down those big waves.

Mr Morley, 20, who started surfing in 2005 said he lives for the big swells and has gone around the country searching for them.

"I've surfed all over Hawke's Bay and at Raglan, Dunedin and Gisborne. It is just so exciting."

Mr Morley said he did not go out during the recent tsunami warning but had gone out after the Chile earthquake when a warning was issued.


"We were in Mahia and me and my sister decided to get our boards out and try and surf it. It is pretty exciting to surf something that does not happen often."

He said not many people go out and do it either so you get the surf to yourself, which adds to the experience.

"Police did end up telling us to get out of the water but I guess it is a bit of a risk, isn't it, so it makes it that much better."

Mr Morley competes in competitions around the country and tries to surf everyday that he can.

"It is just so relaxing and it is also quite social, as you can catch up with mates out on the water."

He attends Waikato University and although Hawke's Bay has large swell, he said the biggest wave he has surfed was at Raglan.

"It was about 2 and a half to three metres high. It was pretty cool."

When asked if he would surf during a tsunami warning again, he said he would be very keen too.

"I would want to as it's such a thrill but I guess it just depends if there is another one in the near future."