The night time burglary at a new Dannevirke business is disappointing for the owners who have made a considerable investment in the town, senior sergeant Nathan Davis of the Tararua Police says.

"We've identified and arrested one man who has been charged with the burglary at Turkey Inn on High St and we've identified two others who we are now looking for," Mr Davis said.
The man is appearing in the Dannevirke District Court this week.

"I see the owners of the Turkey Inn have made a financial contribution to our town, employed locals and because of this burglary all of us could suffer."

The alleged thieves were targeting cash, Mr Davis said, and while for them it was just a burglary, for the community it's much more.


"The owners have chosen to be here and we want people to come and do business in Dannevirke because everyone is a winner," he said.

Co-owner of Turkey Inn, Hamit Gultekin, has been in business 35 years, 25 of those in New Zealand and along with Giang Do, opened the kebab business in August.

"I opened here in Dannevirke because I like small towns and I'd like to branch out into other small towns," Hamit said.

Dannevirke's CCTV security system played a very important part in the police investigation, providing key images which resulted in the alleged male offenders being identified, Mr Davis said.

"Our investigation would have been considerably more difficult if it wasn't for the CCTV system."

"Unfortunately I continue to see burglaries committed on premises which are insecure, or thefts from insecure vehicles. We need to take some simple steps to protect ourselves and our property. We call it 'target hardening' - taking some simple steps to make it harder for these type of offenders."