Retailers stinging from the "nothing town" label are about to light up Dannevirke, to show the world just what we have to offer.

When Rotorua Property Investors Association president Debbie Van den Broek referred to Dannevirke as the "nothing town" retailers decided it was time to switch on.

"We're going to teach this person a thing or two about our town," Dannevirke Community Board deputy chairman Pat Walshe said.

And to make sure none of our positive points are missed by anyone, Dannevirke's retailers team are urging everyone to decorate their windows with lights for the festive season.


"Along with this promotion the retailers group will be decorating our town. You won't be able to miss us," Mr Walshe said.

The promotion has been helped by the team at the Dannevirke Business Network, a department of Tararua District Council.