Crowds gathered in Waipukurau on Thursday morning this week when a house from Russell St, beside the Waipukurau Club, stopped traffic while it was moved to Gaisford Terrace, just up the road.

The 1950s era stucco house was moved in one piece by Brittons House Movers, said Hawke's Bay branch manager Elwyn Fryer who with his team had the job done by early afternoon.

"This was a bit of a special job for us - it was the 100th house we have moved this year, and it went without a hitch, just another day in the office," he said.

Waipukurau's Bruce Mouldey said he and his partner Suzanne Jordan bought the house for her mother Mary Collins, who lives in Wallingford, but at 74 was making the move to be closer to town.


Mr Mouldey, a builder, planned to renovate the house in its new location over the coming months.

Mrs Collins said the activity "stopped the town" on Thursday, as usually such moves were made in the early hours of the morning.

It was something of a surprise to find out she had a new house, she said.

"Unbeknown to me, my daughter has been looking for somewhere for me for over a year - they have been keeping it all rather secret.

"It was quite amazing and lovely of them to do that."

She had already met a couple of her new neighbours, and said people had followed the house up the road to its new location making for a festive introduction to the neighbourhood.