Hastings District Council formally appointed its standing and sub-committee members and chair people yesterday, but no council appointment to the Horse of the Year board was made.

Mayor Lawrence Yule said things were currently in a state of flux with the board, but it had a potential external nominee lined up, a paper on which would come to the next council meeting on November 22.

"There is quite a good person who has shown interest in being an external appointee," he said, but declined to say who the person was.

Councillors Adrienne Pierce and Malcolm Dixon were appointed to the Hastings City Business Association and deputy mayor Sandra Hazlehurst was joined by George Lyons on the Te Mata Trust appointments committee.


At yesterday's meeting, councillor Pierce queried actions being taken around avoiding conflicts of interest with such appointments.

To cover that off some of the appointments to organisations outside the council were labelled "liaison" roles, and Mr Yule said all the organisations would be reviewed to determine where there were potential conflicts.

Where last term there was a district development committee, this has now been replaced by an economic development and urban affairs committee, to be headed by first-term councillor Damon Harvey, and a social and cultural development committee, with councillor Malcolm Dixon as chairman.

Mr Yule said there used to be sub-committees for economic and social development, but the re-jig would allow the whole council to focus separately on the two different areas, as they weren't always linked.

"In social development we are doing a lot of work around getting people into employment and working with the government on social issues.

"In economic development we are looking at issues such as employment, land zoning, industrial areas, and a particular focus on the Hastings CBD," he said.