New steel and glass bus shelters being installed in Hastings' Eastbourne St will be "stunning and very practical", says deputy mayor Sandra Hazlehurst.

A start on replacing the aged bus shelters on the edge of Civic Square with new ones further east is underway.

The stops will still be on Eastbourne St, however they are being moved east to outside the library.

It is hoped the new bus stops and shelters will be in before the end of the month, though that will depend on whether the toughened glass is ready. It is having designs set within it to ensure it is easily visible to cyclists and walkers.


The decision to move the stops was made during this year's Annual Plan process. "We have waited a long time for this project. It will make a real difference to the connectivity across our city and it is very exciting that it is underway," said Ms Hazlehurst.

There are a number of reasons for replacing the old shelters. "Moving them will mean there is a much greater connection between the centre of our city and our largest city green space. It is such a beautiful park and it is very popular for city workers having lunch, preschool groups come to play, and it is a lovely quiet place to sit," she said.

"It is the entranceway to our Hastings City Art Gallery and our Hastings library, and moving the shelters will open up the view to the pou.

"Of course, there is also the fact that the original bus shelters are showing their age, and would need quite a bit of work to bring them up to standard."