Tararua District Council's annual report has received a big tick from Audit New Zealand.

Council's auditors Clint Ramoo and John Whittal of Audit New Zealand presented their report to new councillors last week.

"In our previous report last year we raised some concerns about the readiness for the audit, but this year, with the employment of additional resources, this has improved significantly," Mr Ramoo said.

"The quality of the annual report is also very good and clearly a collective effort."


Mr Ramoo also said council's capital programme showed progress, with more robustness and rigor around reporting.

"We don't expect you to be spot on, it's nigh on impossible."

Mr Ramoo said there was also encouraging improvement in the quality and data on revaluations.

"Not that TDC haven't got good data already," Mr Ramoo said.

With his six years as the council's auditor over, Mr Whittal will now take the reins.

"We've met no road blocks in our audit and we can deliver a clean audit opinion," Mr Ramoo said.

Council chief executive said the auditors help council to develop the assurances management can give back to the governance arms of council - district councillors.

"The relationship is unusual in that we pay Audit New Zealand, but we have a relationship with no fear or favour," Mr King said.