An increase in burglaries of commercial properties in Hastings is concerning police.

In the past week, and over the long weekend a number of premises have been broken into and in each instance the offenders have caused significant damage.

The offenders also lit fires inside several of the buildings.

Police wanted to remind business owners, managers and staff to protect themselves from such crime wherever possible.

People needed to ensure their buildings are secure and valuable property is not left out when they shut down at the end of their working day.

Staff should check that alarms and CCTV systems are functioning well and check cameras are being cleaned and set correctly.

In two of the recent incidents the offenders gained access by climbing fences and scaffolding.

Eliminating opportunities to cross boundary fences by removing items stacked close to fences will also improve security.

Police also wanted to remind people to report any suspicious activity or attempted break-ins to police as soon as possible.

- Information can be provided anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111