Warning: Some readers may find this article distressing

The father of a Napier man accused of sexually abusing and torturing his partner has told his jury the allegations could be true.

The final pieces of evidence have been put to the jury at the High Court in Napier.

Timothy Hebberley is facing 28 charges including injuring with intent, sexual violation, kidnap, intimidation, rape and threatening to kill.


On Friday, the Crown withdrew one charge of sexual violation due to a lack of evidence.

The jury of seven women and five men has heard from 13 witnesses over five days, including the complainant. They've also watched Timothy Hebberley's recorded interview with police.

The Crown alleges the 20-year-old branded his partner with hot wire, burnt her with lighters and candle wax, intentionally dislocated her limbs, and locked her in a small room with a dangerous dog for two hours.

The defence claim all the sexual acts were consensual and he was reacting to her intimation and violence.

Hebberley's lawyer, Scott Jefferson, opened the defence case this morning, by saying there were inherit contradictions and real problems in the Crown's case, especially with their sole reliance on the evidence of the complainant.

Mr Jefferson said the complainant had lied about all the allegations of violence and threats, and every sexual encounter between the pair was consensual.

Defence witness and Timothy Hebberley's father, James Woods told the jury that his son was a very determined person, who always did what he wanted.

"He can deliver a mouthful, there's no doubt about it, and he's probably here [in court] because of it," he said.

The former teacher of 35 years said he felt sorry for the complainant, who came to live at his Napier property for a time during her relationship with Hebberley.

He said she lied a lot and her behaviour was erratic. She could be "really nice and lovey-dovey" but other times, she could behave very badly, he said.

He told the jury that the couple seemed to get on really well, and he'd often have to turn up the television because of the amorous sounds coming from their bedroom.

He said there would be pushing, slapping and yelling at each other, but he disregarded it as "brotherly-sisterly fights". He didn't intervene because it was their business.

Mr Woods says the alleged victim had adequate opportunities to tell him if there was anything wrong, but she never did.

Under cross examination by Crown prosecutor Jo Rielly, Jim Woods said his son occasionally flew off the handle, and his constant gaming on the Xbox wasn't normal, or healthy.

He said he told police there may be some truth to the allegations. He admitted in court that he thought the complainant had probably twisted the truth, but the allegations may have happened.

A video interview between Timothy Hebberley and Detective Toni Leippien was played to the jury on Thursday.

In the interview, Timothy Hebberley admitted he was a monster and did horrible things.

He said she'd push and shove and slap him, and he should have just sat there and taken it like a gentleman, but he didn't.

"She made everyone turn against me ... no one believed me that she would hit me too," he said.

He admitted he had very little self-control and had punched and kicked her on occasions when she had become physical with him.

When asked about the allegations he burnt her with a cigarette lighter, Hebberley said it never happened and it was her that suggested doing it during sex, after they'd done "candle play".

Hebberley also flatly denied locking her in a small room with a dangerous dog for two hours, and called the accusation that he branded her with hot wire "a bit excessive".

He said he never did anything sexual without her consent.

The Crown and defence will sum up their case to the court on Monday, before the jury retires to consider its verdicts on Tuesday.